Quantum electrodynamical torques in the presence of Brownian motion


Jeremy N. Munday, Davide Iannuzzi, and Federico Capasso. 2006. “Quantum electrodynamical torques in the presence of Brownian motion.” New Journal of Physics, 8.


Quantum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field give rise to a zero-point energy that persists even in the absence of electromagnetic sources. One striking consequence of the zero-point energy is manifested in the Casimir force, which causes two electrically neutral metallic plates to attract in order to reduce the zero-point energy. A second, less well-known, effect is a torque that arises between two birefringent materials with in-plane optical anisotropy as a result of the zero-point energy. In this paper, we discuss the influence of Brownian motion on two birefringent plates undergoing quantum electrodynamical ( QED) rotation as a result of the system's zero-point energy. Direct calculations for the torque are presented, and preliminary experiments are discussed.
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