Point defect engineered Si sub-bandgap light-emitting diode


Jiming Bao, Malek Tabbal, Taegon Kim, Supakit Charnvanichborikarn, James S. Williams, Michael. J. Aziz, and Federico Capasso. 2007. “Point defect engineered Si sub-bandgap light-emitting diode.” OPTICS EXPRESS, 15, 11, Pp. 6727-6733. Publisher's Version
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We present a novel approach to enhance light emission in Si and demonstrate a sub-bandgap light emitting diode based on the introduction of point defects that enhance the radiative recombination rate. Ion implantation, pulsed laser melting and rapid thermal annealing were used to create a diode containing a self-interstitial-rich optically active region from which the zero-phonon emission line at 1218 nm originates. (C) 2007 Optical Society of America.
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