Performance characteristics of 4-port in-plane and out-of-plane in-line metasurface polarimeters


Michael Juhl, Carlos Mendoza, J. P. BALTHASAR MUELLER, Federico Capasso, and KRISTJAN LEOSSON. 2017. “Performance characteristics of 4-port in-plane and out-of-plane in-line metasurface polarimeters.” Optics Express, 25, 23, Pp. 28697-28709.
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In-line polarimeters perform nonterminating measurements of the polarization state of light by sampling only a small part of the total light intensity. In-line polarimeters are used in applications such as polarization state generators and in optical communications. Current polarimeters use multiple optical components in sequence for polarization analysis and therefore often become bulky and expensive. Here, we experimentally demonstrate the operation of compact fiber-coupled polarimeters with high sampling rates, operating at telecom wavelengths, each polarimeter comprising a single ultra-thin metasurface aligned to four photodetectors. We compare two configurations of such metasurface polarimeters, with in-plane and out-of-plane detection, respectively. The metasurface polarimeters reported here show excellent agreement with commercial polarimeters and cover a bandwidth of at least 100 nm. (C) 2017 Optical Society of America
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