Near-Field Imaging of Phased Array Metasurfaces


Bernhard J. Bohn, Martin Schnell, Mikhail A. Kats, Francesco Aieta, Rainer Hillenbrand, and Federico Capasso. 2015. “Near-Field Imaging of Phased Array Metasurfaces.” NANO LETTERS, 15, 6, Pp. 3851-3858. Publisher's Version
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Phased-antenna metasurfaces can impart abrupt, spatially dependent changes to the amplitude, phase, and polarization of light and thus mold wavefronts in a desired fashion. Here we present an experimental and computational near-field study of metasurfaces based on near-resonant V-shaped antennas and connect their near- and far-field optical responses. We show that far fields can be obtained from limited, experimentally obtained knowledge of the near fields, paving the way for experimental near-field characterization of metasurfaces and other optical nanostructures and prediction of their far fields from the near-field measurements.
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