Evanescent-wave bonding between optical waveguides


ML Povinelli, M. Loncar, M Ibanescu, EJ Smythe, SG Johnson, F. Capasso, and JD Joannopoulos. 2005. “Evanescent-wave bonding between optical waveguides.” Optics Letters, 30, 22, Pp. 3042-3044.
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Forces arising from overlap between the guided waves of parallel, microphotonic waveguides are calculated. Both attractive and repulsive forces, determined by the choice of relative input phase, are found. Using realistic parameters for a silicon-on-insulator material system, we estimate that the forces are large enough to cause observable displacements. Our results illustrate the potential for a broader class of optically tunable microphotonic devices and microstructured artificial materials. (c) 2005 Optical Society of America.
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