Enhancement of optical processes in coupled plasmonic nanocavities [Invited]


Patrice Genevet, Jean-Philippe Tetienne, Romain Blanchard, Mikhail A. Kats, J. P. BALTHASAR MUELLER, Marlan O. Scully, and Federico Capasso. 2011. “Enhancement of optical processes in coupled plasmonic nanocavities [Invited].” Applied Optics, 50, 31, Pp. G56-G62.


We present detailed experimental and numerical investigations of resonances in deep nanogroove gratings in metallic substrates. These plasmonic nanocavity gratings feature enhanced fields within the grooves that enable a large enhancement of linear and nonlinear optical processes. This enhancement relies on both localized and propagating surface plasmons on the nanopatterned surface. We show that the efficiency of optical processes such as Raman scattering and four-wave mixing is dramatically enhanced by plasmonic nanocavity gratings. (C) 2011 Optical Society of America
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