Publications by Year: 2012

Tobias S. Mansuripur, Stefan Menzel, Romain Blanchard, Laurent Diehl, Christian Pfluegl, Yong Huang, Jae-Hyun Ryou, Russell D. Dupuis, Marko Loncar, and Federico Capasso. 2012. “Widely tunable mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers using sampled grating reflectors.” OPTICS EXPRESS, 20, 21, Pp. 23339-23348.Abstract
We demonstrate a three-section, electrically pulsed quantum cascade laser which consists of a Fabry-Perot section placed between two sampled grating distributed Bragg reflectors. The device is current-tuned between ten single modes spanning a range of 0.46 mu m (63 cm(-1)), from 8.32 to 8.78 mu m. The peak optical output power exceeds 280 mW for nine of the modes. (C) 2012 Optical Society of America