Ultracompact metasurface in-line polarimeter


J. P. BALTHASAR MUELLER, KRISTJAN LEOSSON, and Federico Capasso. 2016. “Ultracompact metasurface in-line polarimeter.” OPTICA, 3, 1, Pp. 42-47.
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In-line polarimeters perform nondestructive polarization measurements of optical signals, and play a critical role in monitoring and controlling the polarization environment in, for example, optical networks. While current in-line polarimeters are constructed with multiple optical components, either fabricated into an optical fiber or using free-space optics, we present here a novel architecture conducive to monolithic on-chip integration. This enables the scalable fabrication of high-performance polarization sensors with exceptional stability, compactness, and speed. The method relies on the detection of the highly polarization-dependent scattered field of a subwavelength antenna array known as a metasurface, and is shown here to provide polarization state measurements matching those of a state-of-the-art commercial polarimeter. (C) 2016 Optical Society of America
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