Sensitivity enhancement of off-axis ICOS using wavelength modulation


P. Malara, M. F. Witinski, F. Capasso, J. G. Anderson, and P. De Natale. 2012. “Sensitivity enhancement of off-axis ICOS using wavelength modulation.” APPLIED PHYSICS B-LASERS AND OPTICS, 108, 2, Pp. 353-359.


In this paper, we analyze the sensitivity enhancement attainable by combining a wavelength modulation (WM) technique to integrated cavity output spectroscopy (ICOS), pointing out how the spectrometer's parameters and the acquisition strategy affect the detection noise in both techniques. We point out that WM-ICOS is mainly limited by the slow scan rate that it requires, compared to regular ICOS. Nevertheless, according to our analysis, WM can still appreciably improve the SNR of an ultrasensitive ICOS system, if the cavity transmission is so low that the detector noise is not negligible. In light of these considerations, we directly compare the performance of ICOS and WM-ICOS in a high sensitivity ambient-air methane detection experiment, finding a good agreement with the theoretical influence of the various spectrometer parameters.
Last updated on 06/02/2020