Polarization-Insensitive Metalenses at Visible Wavelengths


M. Khorasaninejad, A. Y. Zhuit, C. Roques-Carmes, W. T. Chen, J. Oh, I. Mishra, R. C. Devlin, and F. Capasso. 2016. “Polarization-Insensitive Metalenses at Visible Wavelengths.” NANO LETTERS, 16, 11, Pp. 7229-7234.


In this Letter, we demonstrate highly efficient, polarization-insensitive planar lenses (metalenses) at red, green, and blue wavelengths (lambda = 660, 532, and 405 nm). Metalenses with numerical apertures (NA) of 0.85 and 0.6 and corresponding efficiencies as high as 60% and 90% are achieved. These metalenses are less than 600 nm-thick and can focus incident light down to diffraction-limited spots as small as similar to 0.64 lambda and provide high-resolution imaging. In addition, the focal spots are very symmetric with high Strehl ratios. The single step lithography and compatibility with large-scale fabrication processes make metalenses highly promising for widespread applications in imaging and spectroscopy.
Last updated on 05/27/2020