Polarization in diffractive optics and metasurfaces


Noah A. Rubin, Zhujun Shi, and Federico Capasso. 1/3/2022. “Polarization in diffractive optics and metasurfaces.” Advances in Optics and Photonics, 13, 4, Pp. 836-970. Publisher's Version
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Polarization, the path traced by light’s electric field vector, appears in all areas of optics. In recent decades, various technologies have enabled the precise control of light’s polarization state, even on a subwavelength scale, at optical frequencies. In this review, we provide a thorough, high-level review of the fundamentals of polarization optics and detail how the Jones calculus, alongside Fourier optics, can be used to analyze, classify, and compare these optical elements. We provide a review of work in this area across multiple technologies and research areas, including recent developments in optical metasurfaces. This review unifies a large body of work on spatially varying polarization optics and may be of interest to both researchers in optics and designers of optical systems more generally.
Last updated on 01/05/2022