Plasmonic Mode Engineering with Templated Self-Assembled Nanoclusters


Jonathan A. Fan, Kui Bao, Li Sun, Jiming Bao, Vinothan N. Manoharan, Peter Nordlander, and Federico Capasso. 2012. “Plasmonic Mode Engineering with Templated Self-Assembled Nanoclusters.” NANO LETTERS, 12, 10, Pp. 5318-5324.
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Plasmonic nanoparticle assemblies are a materials platform in which optical modes, resonant frequencies, and near-field intensities can be specified by the number and position of nanoparticles in a cluster. A current challenge is to achieve clusters with higher yields and new types of shapes. In this Letter, we show that a broad range of plasmonic nanoshell nanoclusters can be assembled onto a lithographically defined elastomeric substrate with relatively high yields using templated assembly. We assemble and measure the optical properties of three cluster types: Fano-resonant heptamers, linear chains, and rings of nanoparticles. The yield of heptamer clusters is measured to be over 30%. The assembly of plasmonic nanoclusters on an elastomer paves the way for new classes of plasmonic nanocircuits and colloidal metamaterials that can be transfer-printed onto various substrate media.
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