Nonlinear optical interactions of laser modes in quantum cascade lasers


Aleksander K. Wojcik, Nanfang Yu, Federico Capasso, and Alexey Belyanin. 2011. “Nonlinear optical interactions of laser modes in quantum cascade lasers.” Journal of Modern Optics, 58, 9, Pp. 727-742. Publisher's Version
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We overview the results of recent experimental and theoretical studies of nonlinear dynamics of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) associated with nonlinear interactions of laser modes. Particular attention is paid to phase-sensitive nonlinear mode mixing which turns out to be quite prominent in QCLs of different kinds and which gives rise to frequency and phase locking of laser modes. Nonlinear phase coupling of laser modes in QCLs leads to a variety of ultrafast and coherent phenomena: synchronization of transverse modes, beam steering, the RNGH multimode instability, and generation of mode-locked ultrashort pulses.
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