Nanowire-induced Wurtzite InAs Thin Film on Zinc-Blende InAs Substrate


Jiming Bao, David C. Bell, Federico Capasso, Natasha Erdman, Dongguang Wei, Linus Froberg, Thomas Martensson, and Lars Samuelson. 2009. “Nanowire-induced Wurtzite InAs Thin Film on Zinc-Blende InAs Substrate.” ADVANCED MATERIALS, 21, 36, Pp. 3654+.


InAs pyramids and platelets on a zinc-blende InAs substrate are found to exhibit a wurtzite crystal structure. induced by wurtzite InAs nanowires, wurtzite InAs thin film and its associated zinc-blende/wurtzite heterocrystalline heterostructures may open up new opportunities in band-gap engineering and related device applications.
Last updated on 05/23/2020