Nanostructured Holograms for Broadband Manipulation of Vector Beams


Jiao Lin, Patrice Genevet, Mikhail A. Kats, Nicholas Antoniou, and Federico Capasso. 2013. “Nanostructured Holograms for Broadband Manipulation of Vector Beams.” NANO LETTERS, 13, 9, Pp. 4269-4274.
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We report a new type of holographic interface, which is able to manipulate the three fundamental properties of light (phase, amplitude, and polarization) over a broad wavelength range. The design strategy relies on replacing the large openings of conventional holograms by arrays of subwavelength apertures, oriented to locally select a particular state of polarization. The resulting optical element can therefore be viewed as the superposition of two independent structures with very different length scales, that is, a hologram with each of its apertures filled with nanoscale openings to only transmit a desired state of polarization: As an implementation, we fabricated a nanostructured holographic plate that can generate radially polarized optical beams from circularly polarized incident light, and we demonstrated that it can broad range of wavelengths. The ability of a single holographic interface to simultaneously shape the amplitude, operate over a phase, and polarization of light can find widespread applications in photonics.
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