Microfluidic tuning of distributed feedback quantum cascade lasers


L. Diehl, B. G. Lee, P. Behroozi, M. Loncar, M. A. Belkin, Federico Capasso, T. Aellen, D. Hofstetter, M. Beck, and J. Faist. 2006. “Microfluidic tuning of distributed feedback quantum cascade lasers.” Optics Express, 14, 24, Pp. 11660-11667.
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In this Letter, we report the tuning of the emission wavelength of a single mode distributed feedback quantum cascade laser by modifying the mode effective refractive index using fluids. A fabrication procedure to encapsulate the devices in polymers for microfluidic delivery is also presented. The integration of microfluidics with semiconductor laser ( optofluidics) is promising for new compact and portable lab-on-a-chip applications. (c) 2006 Optical Society of America.
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