Low threshold room-temperature lasing of CdS nanowires


Sebastian Geburt, Andreas Thielmann, Robert Roeder, Christian Borschel, Amanda McDonnell, Michael Kozlik, Julian Kuehnel, Kristen A. Sunter, Federico Capasso, and Carsten Ronning. 2012. “Low threshold room-temperature lasing of CdS nanowires.” NANOTECHNOLOGY, 23, 36.


The synthesis of CdS nanostructures (bands, wires, irregular structures) was investigated by systematic variation of temperature and gas pressure, to deduce a comprehensive growth phase diagram. The high quality nanowires were further investigated and show stoichiometric composition of CdS as well as a single-crystalline lattice without any evidence of extended defects. The luminescence of individual nanowires at low excitation shows a strong near band edge emission at 2.41 eV indicating a low point defect concentration. Sharp peaks evolve at higher laser power and finally dominate the luminescence spectrum. The power dependence of the spectrum clearly shows all the characteristics of amplified stimulated emission and lasing action in the nanowire cavity. A low threshold was determined as 10 kW cm(-2) for lasing at room temperature with a slope efficiency of 5-10% and a Q factor of up to 1200. The length and diameter relations necessary for lasing of individual nanowires was investigated.
Last updated on 06/02/2020