Hybrid single-nanowire photonic crystal and microresonator structures


CJ Barrelet, JM Bao, M. Loncar, HG Park, F. Capasso, and C. M. Lieber. 2006. “Hybrid single-nanowire photonic crystal and microresonator structures.” Nano Letters, 6, 1, Pp. 11-15.
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We report a hybrid approach for photonic systems that combines chemically synthesized single nanowire emitters with lithographically defined photonic crystal and racetrack microresonator structures. Finite-difference time-domain calculations were used to design nanowire photonic crystal structures where the photonic band gap overlaps the electronic band gap of the nanowire. Photoluminescence (PL) images of cadmium sulfide (CdS) nanowire photonic crystal structures designed in this way demonstrate localized emission from engineered defects and light suppression in regions of the photonic crystal. PL spectroscopy studies of defect-free nanowire photonic crystal structures further demonstrate the photonic band gap or stop band that spans most of the CdS band edge emission spectrum. In addition, single CdS nanowire-racetrack microresonator structures were fabricated, and PL imaging and spectroscopy measurements show good coupling of the nanowire to the microcavity including efficient feedback and amplified spontaneous emission. These hybrid structures exploit unique strengths of bottom-up and top-down approaches and thereby open new opportunities in nanophotonics from efficient and localized light sources to integrated optical processing.
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