Holographic Metalens for Switchable Focusing of Surface Plasmons


Daniel Wintz, Patrice Genevet, Antonio Ambrosio, Alex Woolf, and Federico Capasso. 2015. “Holographic Metalens for Switchable Focusing of Surface Plasmons.” NANO LETTERS, 15, 5, Pp. 3585-3589. Publisher's Version
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Surface plasmons polaritons (SPPs) are light like waves confined to the interface between a metal and a dielectric. Excitation and control of these modes requires components such as couplers and lenses. We present the design of a new lens based on holographic principles. The key feature is the ability to switchably control SPP focusing by changing either the incident wavelength or polarization. Using phase-sensitive near-field imaging of the surface plasmon wavefronts, we have observed their switchable focusing and steering as the wavelength or polarization is changed.
Last updated on 05/26/2020