Fabrication technologies for quantum cascade photonic-crystal microlasers


R Colombelli, K Srinivasan, M Troccoli, O Painter, C. Gmachl, DM Tennant, AM Sergent, DL Sivco, AY Cho, and F. Capasso. 2004. “Fabrication technologies for quantum cascade photonic-crystal microlasers.” NANOTECHNOLOGY, 15, 5, Pp. 675-681.


In this paper we describe the technological and fabrication methods necessary to incorporate both photonic and electronic-band engineering in order to create novel surface-emitting quantum cascade microcavity laser sources. This technology offers the promise of several innovative applications such as the miniaturization of QC lasers, and multi-wavelength two-dimensional laser arrays for spectroscopy, gas-sensing and imaging. This approach is not limited to light-emitting devices, and may be efficiently applied to the development of mid- and far-infrared normal-incidence detectors.
Last updated on 05/23/2020