Cosine-Gauss Plasmon Beam: A Localized Long-Range Nondiffracting Surface Wave


Jiao Lin, Jean Dellinger, Patrice Genevet, Benoit Cluzel, Frederique de Fornel, and Federico Capasso. 2012. “Cosine-Gauss Plasmon Beam: A Localized Long-Range Nondiffracting Surface Wave.” PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 109, 9.


A new surface wave is introduced, the cosine-Gauss beam, which does not diffract while it propagates in a straight line and tightly bound to the metallic surface for distances up to 80 mu m. The generation of this highly localized wave is shown to be straightforward and highly controllable, with varying degrees of transverse confinement and directionality, by fabricating a plasmon launcher consisting of intersecting metallic gratings. Cosine-Gauss beams have potential for applications in plasmonics, notably for efficient coupling to nanophotonic devices, opening up new design possibilities for next-generation optical interconnects.
Last updated on 06/02/2020