Control of buckling in large micromembranes using engineered support structures


Eiji Iwase, Pui-Chuen Hui, David Woolf, Alejandro W. Rodriguez, Steven G. Johnson, Federico Capasso, and Marko Loncar. 2012. “Control of buckling in large micromembranes using engineered support structures.” JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING, 22, 6.
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In this paper we describe a general method to avoid stress-induced buckling of thin and large freestanding membranes. We show that using properly designed supports, in the form of microbeams, we can reduce the out-of-plane deflection of the membrane while maintaining its stiffness. As a proof of principle, we used a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) platform to fabricate 30 mu m wide, 220 nm thick, free-standing Si membranes, supported by four 15 mu m long and 3 mu m wide microbeams. Using our approach, we are able to achieve an out-of-plane deformation of the membrane smaller than 50 nm in spite of 39 MPa of compressive internal stress. Our method is general, and can be applied to different material systems with compressive or tensile internal stress.
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