Broadband ZnO single-nanowire light-emitting diode


Jiming Bao, Mariano A. Zimmler, Federico Capasso, Xiaowei Wang, and Z. F. Ren. 2006. “Broadband ZnO single-nanowire light-emitting diode.” Nano Letters, 6, 8, Pp. 1719-1722.
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We present a novel technique for reliable electrical injection into single semiconductor nanowires for light-emitting diodes and lasers. The method makes use of a high-resolution negative electron-beam resist and direct electron-beam patterning for the precise fabrication of a metallic top contact along the length of the nanowire, while a planar substrate is used as a bottom contact. It can be applied to any nanowire structure with an arbitrary cross section. We demonstrate this technique by constructing the first zinc oxide single-nanowire light-emitting diode. The device exhibits broad sub-bandgap emission at room temperature.
Last updated on 05/29/2020