Metalenz reveals plans for revolutionizing consumer electronics with flat optics

February 7, 2021

Metalenz, Inc., a startup spun-off from the Capasso group, has revealed its plans for revolutionizing consumer electronics by large-scale fabrication of flat optics to replace conventional lenses. Metalenz has received $10 million in investment from various venture capital funds including 3M Ventures and Intel Capital. 

Metalenses are ultrathin nanostructures that allow one to sculpt the properties of light at the nanoscale. The Capasso group pioneered flat optics based on these nanostructures and spun-off Metalenz Inc. in 2017 to commercialize this transformative technology. Metalenses eliminate the need for many optical elements in a sensing or imaging system and greatly reduce the optical alignment challenges during assembly. This technology not only enables compact and lightweight consumer devices, but also gives one control over new functions and other degrees of freedom of light, such as dispersion and polarization. Through Metalenz, metalenses may soon be found in your smartphone, augmented/virtual reality headsets, self-driving cars, medical diagnostic kits, and more!

Robert Devlin (Ph.D. 2017, Capasso Group) is the co-founder and CEO of Metalenz. Pawel Latawiec, (Ph.D. 2018, Loncar group,. SEAS) is the Director of Design and Computation. 

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The official Metalenz website is here.