Joon-Suh Park selected as top DARPA Riser

September 9, 2022
Joon-Suh Park

Ph.D. candidate  Joon-Suh Park has been selected as a top DARPA Riser and has presented his work on mass-producible, 10-centimeter diameter metalenses in the visible at the recent DARPA Forward conference. The 10 cm metalens is the largest ever fabricated in history, with 18.7 billion subwavelength nanostructures made of glass. 

From DARPA: DARPA Risers are up-and-coming standouts in their fields, whose research is related to national security and demonstrates the potential to lead to technological surprise — the heart of DARPA's mission. The Risers program provides individuals in the early stages of their research career a unique opportunity to be recognized for their notable work and present their ideas directly to DARPA.

See the press release from Harvard SEAS here.